What We Do

 What We Do

· Listen to you and ask questions until we understand fully what is important to you and what you wish to accomplish.

· Evaluate your financial goals, risk tolerance, time horizons, liquidity, income needs, and other pertinent information.

· If applicable, evaluate your current portfolio to determine which investments are suitable based on your specific parameters and competitive alternatives.

· Design and implement a portfolio tailored to your particular guidelines.

· Monitor your investments on an ongoing basis.

· Make specific recommendations regarding adjustments to your portfolio based on our best professional evaluation of changes in your personal situation and economic and market conditions.

· Provide you with an implementation schedule for our recommendations as assurance that every strategy you choose to implement is accomplished.

· Coordinate your legal and tax work among your various advisors or refer you to attorneys  and CPAs.


What We Will Not Do

· Provide legal or tax advice.

· Guarantee a rate of return or against loss of principal.

· Avoid your questions.


What You Will Receive

· Quarterly Portfolio Performance Reports.

· Our weekly “Market Commentary” if e-mail provided.

· Specific allocation recommendations, as necessary.

· Specific security recommendations, as necessary.

· Reviews as required to be sure you are on track to achieving your objectives.